Summer Mini Launch!

Hey everyone!

Well! I have to tell you guys about my saturday first! I went to Brisbane to watch the New Moon Movie (swoon) with my upline Madonna, her friend Claire and a few teenagers. I had an absolute blast and enjoyed the movie very much. Whilst visiting Madonna though, she showed me this awesome card made by Roxy. Roxy also put a video tutorial together. You have to check it out.

Well I loved it so much it and enjoyed creating it even more that it has inspired me to create it and incorporate it into my Summer Mini Launch! I hope you girls can all make it-

  • When– 7pm, Thursday, 3rd December
  • Where– Senior Citizens Hall, North St, Gatton
  • WhatSummer Mini Launch. You will make three projects (snow globe included)
  • Cost– $15
  • R.S.V.P– 1st December

Tea, coffee and nibblies will be included.

Have a closer look at this fantastic card-

and of course all shook up-

Isn’t it adorable?! I just love it! Well best be off to create more projects for the night~

Thanks for dropping by!


16 thoughts on “Summer Mini Launch!

  1. Hey there chicki! I LOVED this card on Roxy’s blog too, but yours is FANTASTIC! I plan on making some very soon too! Guess it might not be a good idea to post them huh? I’m having visions of saturated cards with ink running everywhere! lol



  2. Kirsty, this is awesome!! I have always thought about doing this when they first came out — but didn’t know how. You need to spill the beans grlfriend. How did you do it?? I have to try this — can you send me an e-mail? By the way, your picture of this in action is awesome too — I could never get a picture like that (not quick enough in my old age).


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  4. Wow! This is my design….well, the water and glitter in the Sweet Treat Cup that is. I demo’ed it at the meeting Roxy was talking about…in London, Ontario. I love your’s! So fun!!!


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