What a FABULOUS weekend!

Hey everyone!

Yep! That’s right I had a fabulous weekend at the craft show! I met a whole heap of new people, not just customers but also other stall holders. I forged some awesome friendships this past weekend and it was very exciting!

Here is a few pics of my cute little stall




Next year I will have a bigger stall with room to play and show some techniques to some people! I must admit it was a learning curve and I can only improve it from here!

Thanks for dropping by!


7 thoughts on “What a FABULOUS weekend!

  1. Awesome stall and awesome gifts girlfriend, just one thing missing….ME (hehehe) but I will be there beside you next year honey. Me thinks I will have to be careful not to stand still for too long, just so that you know not start embellishing me. Mind you, I will be another year older by then so, mmmm, some embellishment may be a very good thing!!!!! lol lol lol
    love ya,
    Sally xx


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