Old Regal Tango!!!

Hey everyone! On the school holidays we visited some friends and you won’t believe it but I took some pics of the kids. It is my new ambition to take more photos of my kids. For the past year I have really slacked off on the photo sessions. Probably because I feel I have to scrap all of them……and my thought process may of been…..if I take less I might be able to catch up with my scrapping!! LOL! Yeah right!

My kids are growing sooo quickly I feel like I have missed a whole year of photos. So to kick it off here are a couple of them-


Isn’t he adorable?! Don’t let the cuteness fool you though he is a little terror to boot as well!


One of my little queen’s taking time out to read.

You wouldn’t think I would do a post without a card did you?? That would be very…..uncrafty……of me! LOL! I have some eye candy of the crafting variety too-


Now you might remember me telling you in the last post about my infatuation with white Staz-On at the moment. Well as you can see I had that play on CS. But when I did it the white was very subtle. definitely not as bright as it is on Acetate. I should have taken a before photo but didn’t think of it. Maybe my pad is a little dry…but whatever the case I ended up going over the top with my white gel pen to brighten it up. I will play with it some more and let you know my mistake……because of course there would have been one…..or two…! LOL!

The colours I used are not my own combo design. I used the In Colour combo chart, ‘Mix it up with Colour’ Check it out! There are some really gorgeous combos there.

Thanks for dropping by!


5 thoughts on “Old Regal Tango!!!

  1. Beautiful color combo and card! I find that the only thing my White StazOn works really good on is acetate or other materials that you can’t use kraft or classic ink (e.g., metal, plastic bags, etc.) You did a great job on this Kirsty.


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