Live, Laugh, Love!

Hey everyone! It feels so good to be back online. It was like I was missing an arm. Half my family and friends are online and I’m in contact with them on a daily basis, and not to have access to that was…….hard! That is saying it simply.

Guess what?! I have a card to show you all. But I have to say it is not my own design. I got this cute design out of the IB&C on page 109. I added a couple more flowers just to add my own touch. What do you think?


The rubons are out of the Planter Box set. I love this card, it is so fresh and brightens your day…..well that’s what I hope it will do for my sister! Tamara moved to Rockhampton end of last year and we (all the family, especially the kids) miss her terribly. We are planning a visit in November. So hang on dearest sis…we are coming and we love you, but in the meantime I hope this cheers you up.

Well I suppose if I want to upload anything to my blog tomorrow I better go create.

Thanks for dropping by!


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