Elite Challenge!

Hey everyone! I have been a very naughty girl when it has come to Elite Challenge  time….. I haven’t done one in a few months……BUT that has changed I have myself on a new Diary Plan! I am setting goals with Workshops, Parties, and Challenge preparations. My plan is still in draft mode but it will not be long and I will probably be busier than ever!!!……..What am I getting myself into??!

Just to update you all on what the Elite Challenge Blog is all about-

  • All participants are downlines of Angela Sargeant
  • We have three Challenges per month which are
    • Sketch
    • Stamp Set
    • Colour
  • An absolute abundant source of Inspiration from a huge range of styles, all of course using SU goodies

You have to check it out!

There is a category selection on the right hand side of the blog- just select an option and browse at all the beautiful work. You will not be disappointed! 

Here is just a snippet of the card I have added to the Soft Summer SSC  (Stamp Set Challenge)


Well I best be off to start another challenge!

Thanks for dropping by!


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