So soft!


Hey everyone! I have been a little out of the crafting side of things for a couple of weeks now……a little frustrating for me actually. I want to….but just not sure how too! Does that make sense? Probably not. I look at my craft stuff and a couple ideas will pop in my head but that’s it….there is no itch to sit and do it. LOL! Last night though I made myself sit…..and look what I made-


What do you think? I love the Soft Summer set and it just screams “Layer ME!” I also had fun making it, so thats’ a step in the right direction……..right? haha. I love pink and brown together, it’s a combo I will probably never tire of. They give me the feeling of love and romance, masculine and feminine, rough and soft! They go so well together!

If you like the card leave a comment telling me what emotion or feeling the colours provoke in you. 

Thanks for dropping by!


15 thoughts on “So soft!

  1. Hi Kirsty, I am also having a love affair with chocolate and pinks. What a beautiful card. When I look at your card it remains me of olden days and being at my Grandmother’s house. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Just love it!!


  2. Hi Kirsty. Beautiful card, its just so pretty. I would have to agree that pink and brown is one of the best colour combos… its a favourite with me and one I use often. You cutting out is so precise! Well done.


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