Just Chillin’


Hey everyone! I was so inspired yesterday by the scrapbook LO I put up here I did another one. For those who don’t know Scrapping was my first passion in the papercraft industry. I still do try and get as many done as possible because I think I’m slipping down as far as 8 years behind in my photos now. Oh dear I better get moving!

I did a little shopping the other day at a local scrap shop and bought the some new papers. The ones I used on this LO are the MM Just Chillin’ range in the boys. I also liked the name of this range so much I used it as the title of the LO. Their matching embellishments are just gorgeous. I just could not go past the puffy alpha stickers…..just too cute!

Here is the LO as a whole-


And split up so you can have a closer look-



Unfortunately the photos of the LO are not so great. I am still saving for that smaller lens, they will be much better quality after that.

These photos are of my son Darcy with his little friend Ava. Their birth dates are only four days apart, and have known each other since they were a couple of months old. On this particular day I had Ava over for a play with Darcy and they got on the lounge together and watched Thomas the Tank Engine. They both love that show. It was so cute! So of course needed a photo. I would call their names to look at me for a photo and one would look but not the other. I think it was the tenth go and they both looked…LOL! They are  just the most adorable children!

I might head off and do another LO! Just for Kolina….LOL!

Thanks for dropping by!


2 thoughts on “Just Chillin’

  1. I love both of these pages – Scrapping was my first love too … I rarely do any these days – I think the main reason is that with digital these days I just don’t print photos. Printing photos normally involves lots of tantrums at the photo booth (by me and the kids!). My 3rd has NO scrap pages at all – so neglected! One of these days I’ll get back into it … I hope.


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