Sunshine fun!

Hey everyone! I’m not too sure what it is but……I cannot get enough of OTP or Gift sets at the moment. I have not made a card for the sole purpose of making a card in about a week! I have made cards for the Stationery sets but that’s all!

My OTP extraveganza became even more infatuating when I found this little website run by Janine Tinklenberg! This particular little box is found under category Templates and Showing Off. Yep! that’s right you can download the template for this box straight off her site! This lady is such a card! Straight to the point and absolutely adores Chocolate! There is even pics of the chockies sitting amongst her tools in the tutorials! Too funny!

Anyway on to the box-


Isn’t it cute? Janine did make this box for Pocket Notes, but I made it for a cute little gift box to put hostess goodies into! It is very quick and easy to make.

I also have some gorgeous shots of my, ‘just turned 8’, darling Jemma to show. I took her outside yesterday evening to take some updated pics of her and also use them in another little project I will be showing you soon! I just cannot believe how much older she looks compared to the last ones I put up!

Enough chit chat onto the photos-



And of course it wouldn’t be my Jemma without some Funny Faces!! A little bit disturbing this one!! LOL!


Oh dear! Gotta love her! It’s my job!

Thanks for dropping by!


7 thoughts on “Sunshine fun!

  1. Hi Kirsty — beautiful note-card box. You won’t believe this, but Jan got the template for this from me. I have been following Jan’s blog for a couple of years, and she is another Michigander (like me) and a real hoot!! I have pictures and the template for this in my gallary on SCS (template in the Demo Only Forums). Very easy to make and is still a favorite of my classes. I love how you took the time to faux stitch yours.

    Your daughter is such a sweetie — what a beautiful smile, she needs to be in the movies!


  2. yep that young girl sure looks a lot like her mummy in the bottom photo!!!!!! lol lol lol …no seriously she is adorable Kirsty! She is just like you she has your huge infectious smile. I wish I was infected with your great style and drive to do so many awesome OTP projects. I love your work (BYKT)!!! hehehe work that one out…Sally xox


  3. The box is gorgeous and so is your daughter. I love it when kids pull such great faces – it really shows their personality alot more. Will have to check out that website – TFS.
    PS: I cased one of your cards – go check it out – for Keesh’s colour challenge.


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