Everyone loves Stationery!!

Hey everyone! I just have to show you all this Stationery Box I whipped up. But all attributions go to Alisa Tilsner  for my making of this box! She gave me the instructions to this beauty of a Stationery Box. Mine is only a touch different to Alisa’s version. But the same base idea! So check it out….you won’t be disappointed!
















So what do you think? I just had to use the Bella’s Rose DSP and A Rose is a Rose set for this one, it matches so beautifully!

As you can see I have made 4 each of matching cards and love notes for the compendium. I had an absolute ball making this and I gave it as a hostess gift to lovely lady today and boy did she love it! {hi Treena} I had great fun ladies…I also had plenty of giggles…..thanks to Beatrice and her lumpy box LOL! I look forward to another day!

Thanks for dropping by!


7 thoughts on “Everyone loves Stationery!!

  1. Wow, absolutely beautiful — what a project. Awesome job Kirsty — I will have to see if I can find the directions for making this. It would take me forever and it would never turn out like yours, but worth a try — you do fab work.


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