Kristina Werner Colour Inspiration #54

Hey everyone! Amidst trying to get together all the things we are selling at our garage sale, I sat down for five minutes to check emails and saw Kristina’s latest CI. Are these colours bright or what??


But they are sooo fresh and funky. I love it! I’m on a huge Organic Outlines kick at the moment so I incorporated that set as well. Here is the outcome-


I also opted for the long and thin card measuring 21 cm (h) x 18 cm just for something a little different. Theresa was again my saviour (she must be sick of that by now…LOL) once again, came over and got my mojo flowing again. I think when I see her create, I can too. Asking her opinion along the way though!! LOL!!

But I must say I did enjoy creating today. It was a great reprieve from going through all my scrapping and craft stuff and sorting out what I’m keeping and what is going in the garage sale… depressing!! Do I have too?? LOL! Well better get back to it.

Thanks for dropping by!


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