So Soft!

Hey everyone!  I have had a quiet day today, on the creating front that is. This morning was not quiet though. We were up at Sparrows fart to take Sean to meet the bus that would take him to Regionals for Cross Country running, and then to meet another bus that would take my daughter on a field excursion to the Planetarium. After that I had to come home and get my other daughter ready for school. I was tuckered out before the day begun. But hey! I got it all done and I thought, Cool!I have a day ahead of me where I can just sit and create. But what’s this……I lost my mojo somewhere between here and the school. That would be bloody right!!

So instead I made fritters for the kids to have when they walk in the door before I take them to dance, did a little cleaning and kept my last one at home, Darcy entertained. Well guess what??!! Half an hour before school pick up my mojo came running back through the door and hit me smack bang in the face!! Ohhhh I can do it in half an hour, no worries at all! So I did! And here it is……


So what do you think?? I don’t mind using a couple of different sets together. It just goes to show how versatile these sets are. The colours used are Apricot Appeal and Pretty in Pink and of course Whisper White. Have to have a neutral. Well better go and take these kids to dance.

Thanks for dropping by!


11 thoughts on “So Soft!

  1. THIS IS FANNNNNNNNNNTASTIC KIRSTY!! Those colours look awesome together – love it!

    I’m so happy to hear you have mojo issues too………..mine’s gone walkabout an isnt keen to come back! lol I sat and made 1 poxy card today because thats all my mind could manage! lol



  2. gorgeous honey g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s !!!! Glad ya mojo showed its face again! I mean, ya know, how rude of it to just go AWOL when we all need your fantastic creations to get US through the day. Just rude is what I say!!!! lol lol Anyhows where did you find it? Somewhere between the fritters and the housework I expect!!! lol -hey that would be where I would hide if I was a mojo!!! XOXO


  3. Are you serious?? I think your mojo might be bi-polar!!! It would have to be to get that card done in half an hour. LOL. I’ve seen you in action though and the reality is you could actually do it. Another great card….haven’t seen you use AA for a while though. You know I’m going to have to pop in and see the card… I mean, you tomorrow. Mwah!!


  4. Wow, what a fantastic choice of colours! You know, this stamp set just made our catalogue and is currently order as a pre-order and until I had seen this card, I had decided I didn’t need it.

    Oh boy.

    “I don’t need this set. I don’t need this set. I don’t need this set.”

    Cindy 🙂


  5. {sigh!} I can’t decide which project to comment on they are all so lovely! Circle Circus was just in our preorder for the new caty out here and now I really can’t wait to receive it, this card is so much fun! TFS


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