Cuttlebug Special Project #5

I have just submitted a tutorial on the Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot   for this Organic sort of card (hehehe)!


It is a very easy card to make, but if you want to know how I did it check out the tutorial on the Cuttlebug site. And as you can probably tell I now own the Organic Outlines Stamp set. I just love it. So you will probably see more of this one in the coming weeks. So I hope you guys like it too!

You should have seen Theresa and I the day I made this…..It was sooo funny! I asked if Theresa could come over and take photos while I did this creation. It is so hard to show a technique while you are actually doing it and own only a 55-200mm lens (won’t be for much longer). Theresa was climbing all sorts of furniture to get the shot that painted a thousand words….LOL! Well maybe she was standing on my dining chairs, but it was funny all the same. We thought of, created and photographed this beauty in just under an hour. We were on such a tight schedule and we made it. We are sooo GOOD!! Ah huh! Ah huh! Thank you so very much for all your help Theresa. You are the best!! Can I book you in this week as well. I have more to do…..ROFLMAO!! No I’m serious I do!

Thanks for dropping by!


6 thoughts on “Cuttlebug Special Project #5

  1. I was glad to be of help to you and I managed not to break my neck tripping on my skirt as I was climbing the chair to get the snap shots. So since I’m still alive and mobile i’ll be glad to help again. BTW Nice card…LOL.


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