Kristina Werner Colour Inspiration #53

Hey Everyone! How many of you this week have gone and checked out Kristina’s CI?? If by chance you did how many of you freaked out?? I know I did. All those bold colours all trying to grab your attention all at once. Oh well, it’s not called a challenge for nothing!



I tried for a beach scene. What do you think? I will have to admit that I am not too happy with this card at all. See!! I need more practice with the brayering…LOL! But I have finally inked up this stamp set. I  might have another go at this challenge to see if I can improve on this fatality. I hope I get the time at least.

Thanks for dropping by!


9 thoughts on “Kristina Werner Colour Inspiration #53

  1. WOW…I love it, its so bright and summery.You shouldn’t beat yourself up about your brayering, it looks pretty good to me and i especially love the way you have done the sand…grab ya kinis and lets hang ten!! lol lol lol xx


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