More Practice!

On Friday I had the best time over at Sally’s place. Theresacame with me to finally get the chance to meet the famous Sally, and Sally was also excited about meeting Therese!!!  The girls got along so well (like I thought I would), and oh my it was funny. They ended up jibing each other with all sorts of innuendo. I laughed so much my sides were aching!! I cannot wait for another day together! Here is a piccy of us after a lot of laughing, and not too mention my my treacherous trip to get back in front of the camera after setting up the timer. I ran into all sorts of doors and walls….LOL!


But on the serious side though…..we did manage to create some cards! Well Theresa and I did. Sally was just happy enough to chat and watch! I wanted to play with the Brayer some more…… PLEASE NO LAUGHING!!!


I need a heap more practice! Hence the title of my post!! But I did get to play with my Trendy Tree set some more!

Now I cannot stay and chat! I do have to get back to the Scrapbook page for the workshop this Friday night. You will be pleased to know girls I have STARTED!! Well I have pulled out two pieces of cardstock for the base!! Well maybe just the packet….LOL!! But I classify that as having started!

Thanks for dropping by!


5 thoughts on “More Practice!

  1. Oh ….That photo!! It certainly looks like we’re having fun. Now onto the card. I think it would have been better if the Tango piece extended to the oter edges of the base card. Just a thought. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.


  2. I am with theresa, the pumpkin pie could have been a tad maybe to the edges of the green!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL nah just jokin, and I think you did a great job with the brayer. Considering how much laughter was going on I am surprised you were able to do anything! Thanks for a fun day. The photo is great, it tells the whole story!!!
    Sally x


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