Funky Tri Shutter Card!

Hey everyone! I have been very busy today making this gorgeous, ultra divine, melt in your mouth pumpkin soup that my good friend Theresa taught me. Oh my Gosh!! It’s to die for. Not only that she pointed me in the direction of this ultra cool card called a Tri Shutter Card. I found it on the Splitcoast site under Weekly Challenges, Try a new technique. On that thread there is a link to Bonnie Szwalkiewicz’stutorial for this awesome card and also a link to the gallery of all the Splitcoast entries. Go have a look. There are some awesome cards there. That’s enough chatter, on to the card.


This is it open and front view the next one shows a little of the cards design. It does shut flat but I didn’t get a piccy of that….sorry!


All the other photos are just close ups of accents


Yes I did cut the grass from Inspired by Nature…..and yes I know I’m insane…LOL!



Well that’s me for today. I was going to do more on this card but thought no that’s enough. I have to stop somewhere right?? I hope I have now inspired you all to make one of your own..hehe

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for dropping by!


15 thoughts on “Funky Tri Shutter Card!

  1. Thats just like you to go and do intricate cutting of stamped images. Where DO you get these ideas from….lol.? You are definitely OOAK.
    And Kirsty you made the soup perfectly…’re an A1 student of mine. ROLFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Just gorgeous…. but ARE YOU CRAZY?? I cant even begin to imagine how much patience you must have. Even though you have attempted the unattemptable with all that cutting, the end result is simply stunning! Beautiful!


  3. Oh love your work!! I printed out the instructions…took a look at them….sat them on the desk and there they’ve stayed!! LOL And no I don’t think you’re insane…..not at all. All my friends are perfectly normal!!! LOL


  4. Oh, Kirsty, you make me so happy – I have cut out that grass twice for my projects and I thought I was the only one that was crazy enough to do so! Apparently, we can buy ourselves a pair of matching snazzy white jackets that tie in the back… hahaha!

    I think your card turned out fabulous!!! Can’t believe the amount of details you have crammed in there, without making it overwhelming. It looks great, girl!



  5. WOW! this is an absolute stunner Kisrsty, I’ve been meaning to have a go at one of these for a while now and you’ve certainly inspired me to just do it! I love all the details and I don’t think you are too mad for cutting out the grass, as it’s definetly something I would do, I actually find cutting out quite therapeutic and I don’t even take drugs! Take care and keep up the good work, thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us. Lots of inky hugs from Charmaine 🙂


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