Cute little Sunnyboy!

IMG_6587_1When I first saw this cute little Sunnyboy I thought this would be so cute as little table favour for my workshop guests and for birthday parties as the take home lolly bag. So I did the workshop table favours and when it came time for the guests to have them they were all saying that they didn’t want to ruin the bag by opening it to get to what was inside. I didn’t give it another thought until I went to convention and when Marelle Taylor was up on stage showing us her workshop WOWS! she had this fabulous idea of snipping down the sides of the DSP, then folding it back and tying it together with ribbon instead of just closing it shut with Sticky Strip. Here’s a closer look-


How fabulous is that?! And when you are finished eating all the yummy goodness out of it you can still keep your little Sunnyboy. Thank you Marelle.

I have been doing all the motherly things I haven’t done in a while today. Things like Baking Choc Chip Cookies and taking our own DVD’s to the local video shop to get the scratches taken out so they can watch them again. Just those little things. You get the best feeling when you do these little things though! Aaawwweeeee! I’m soft! Don’t go telling anyone though, it might ruin my tough demeanor that everyone knows about..LOL!

Thanks for dropping by!


4 thoughts on “Cute little Sunnyboy!

  1. Hi honey I came up with a similar idea to this too, cos I thought they were too pretty to rip open and ruin. I crimped both ends and then I used the double rectangle punch in the middle of one end only to make openings for a piece of ribbon to be thread through and tied in a pretty bow. I love the way yours shows off the other side of the card stock, that’s really cute. xx


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