I had better get moving…..

…or I will not be ready and packed for Canberra! I have been busy today doing computer work and sorting my wardrobe to see what clothes I will be taking to COLDCanberra!! LOL!! I am half packed at least. Hopefully I will have the rest done by tomorrow. Or maybe I will take that trip to Toowoomba I need to do before I go. Who knows what I will do….

Now for show and tell-


I got the idea for this card from Splitcoast Stampersand the designer was hapablap. I need a little more practice at water colouring but I think it is getting there! I really love simple cards, but I seem to struggle with them. Splitcoast stampers is a awesome source for a huge range of styles and designs. I’m always on there.

Now for a BLOG CANDY UPDATE!! You all deserve a pat on the back. Not only did you name five of the colours used but you named all the colours I used. Awesome work guys! Now for a pic of the goodies added to the loot-


I’m sorry, but it is a bit of a crappy photo. But I’m sure you can see what it is.

  1. Spring Solitude SS (lightly used & mounted)
  2. Kaiser Rhinestone Script Word, Love
  3. MM Twistel, Lime
  4. Once Upon  A Scribble, Poetry Petite

Wow!!! this Candy bag is getting quite BIG!! Especially when I have 6 more days to add to it!! LOL!!

So keep the comments coming. The more I get the more you get, also the more chances to win!

Thanks for dropping by!


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