Well that’s it……..


I have a blemish in my record! I have posted everyday for just over 2 weeks straight and then whoops….. I miss one. Oh well, I’m sure you will forgive me on that! Especially if I put in extra BLOG CANDY!!! That’s right you heard me right!!! I’m going to add three things into the Blog Candy Bonanza! But first I want to show you all this.


I got this fabulous idea from Karen Thomas’s blog! She is one ultra talented lady and I love her goodies so if you have that time go and check her blog out! You will not be disappointed!

This is a great little tool for booking workshops. When someone decides they would like to book, they can choose one of the flowers with a flap, and under that flap is a prize just for them. I will then present it to them at their workshop! I loved the idea when I first saw it all those months ago, but just got busy and said “I will get to it”. How many of you say that? I say it all the time…lol.

So here is the BLOG CANDY I promised you all-


This is what I found-

  1. A2Z Scraplet heart (chipboard)
  2. Heidi Swapp 4XL photo corners, Pink Dot
  3. Assorted lot of Prima Flowers

This will be added to the stash and don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see what else will be on offer! If you would like to win my 30,000 hits Blog Candy then go to the post dated the 21st April 2009 and leave a comment.

It’s as easy as that!

Thanks for dropping by!


One thought on “Well that’s it……..

  1. Hi Kirsty,

    What a fantastic idea to get workshop dates or demonstration dates. I am actually here to nominate you for an award. I have been watching your blog for a while now so if you would like to pop on over to my blog here http://thegypsycart.blogspot.com/2009/04/blog-awards-aplenty-its-long.html and follow the directions. I love coming to your blog to see what you have done next.
    From one demonstrator to another


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