Pretty little Roses and near death expereinces!

What a day I have had!! I woke up did a HUGE……maybe large……….oh all right! A small amount of housework (hehe), had a friend over for an hour and after she left (hi Andrea), thought I am going to spend the rest of the day to get ready for the workshop I have Tomorrow night……….HA! No such luck! My ultra fab friend Theresa(who by the way has now started putting more entries on her blog, go and check her out) rang me and said

“Guess what?, I’m going to Brisbane today and I’m visiting Scrapbooks etc! (just an ultra fab scrapbook shop in Brissy)  Do you want to come?”

Oh my God!! Did she have to ask……Of course I will come! but before I could say a thing she says

“Before you answer there are two things to take into consideration. 1. We will be dropping over to Evelyn’s for a visit. (cool no problems so far) and 2. My son will be driving us to Brisbane!”

Well that’s where I had to think. Theresa has been reliving with me, the past few days, of the driving lessons she has been taking her son on! Oh don’t get me wrong, they were not these terrifying stories of near-death experiences! Just the usual stories of the usual learner driver ‘stuff ups’. But they have been driving around Gatton only and now he is driving us down the Warrego Highway (very rough esp. for a highway) and then onto the Ipswich Motorway (I like to nickname Deathtrap Valley) and finally onto the Logan Motorway (full of moronic drivers). So I suppose you have guessed that I was a little apprehensive! Oh but Hell, this is Scrapbooks etc! we are talking about.

 “Of course I will come Theresa!”

But to assure me that if I had a problem at any stage on the trip down she said I was to repeat the sentence she was about to tell me, which was- 

“Gee Therese, the birds are a twittering today!”

I thought Oh my God! Her poor son is going to think we are off with the fairies……LOL! After I had organised some safe babysitting for my children (hi and thanks again Andrea!), we went on our way.

I will say there was a couple of tense moments, but they weren’t too bad, considering the high levels of anxiousness (is that a word?) in the car. It was a good day for buying ultra gorgeous scrapping goodies and I enjoyed myself and the fact that Therese drove me home! LMAO! Oh I kid! He did very well, and Theresa and I were quite proud of him! You all know how I love to exaggerate!

Anyway I thought I would show you one of the cards I made a few days ago-


What do you think? I embossed the second step stamp on every rose and bud. I’m sorry I didn’t take a close up photo for you! This card is very pretty in real life. I also dimensionaled some pieces to give it…. well…..dimension. LOL!

Thanks for dropping by!


4 thoughts on “Pretty little Roses and near death expereinces!

  1. Gorgeous card!!! Love the little ribbon treatment. As for my son’s driving, you’re right, he did well considering his lack of experience. I’ve been a passenger with experienced drivers who have really scared the **** out of me. And you’re right – anxiety level really dropped when I got back in the drivers seat. Phew, LOL. Now I’m off to try and make something with my new stuff that I bought yesterday.


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