Whoopsie Daisy!

Oh dear I think I got the title wrong! But every time I say it it reminds me of the movie Notting Hill and the ever cute Hugh Grant. Oh! he is so yummy but not as yummy as Colin Friels. Do you agree??


Well back to what this post is actually about…….what was that (drool, oh so yummy, drool) ………Oh yes the card! How could I forget!!!

This was the last card everyone made at the catalogue Launch. I CASED the card on page 75 of the catalogue. It’s a different size and sentiment but same layout and colours. It is a very quick and simple card but still very effective. What do you think?

Gee, I seem to be a busy girl these days. I cannot stay and chat again, as I have another workshop tonight and on Saturday evening, I have to pack for tonight’s party and then prepare for the one on Saturday. AND then there is just another week and a bit til convention………Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. I have some packing to do and some swaps also to prepare. This is my first convention and I am soooo excited…..Can you tell???

Thanks for dropping by!


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