I’m Stressed!!

Can you tell?? I have not been blogging very consistently lately, and I cannot keep up with life in general……I will get there though, now that the kids are home on holidays it is one thing less to do every day by getting them ready and taking them to school. It’s not a lot but it helps.

I had two workshops on the weekend, and they were such fun, I had some help from the ever fabulous Theresa (hi Therese) at one event. We had a kids class and then the adults had a play.  We helped the kids make a card and showed the adults how to make “Sunnyboys” and a Box-in-a-bag. I’m pretty sure all enjoyed themselves. There was plenty of happy and laughing people.

Now that they are done, I’m getting ready for my Catalogue Launch on Wednesday night. What a night it will be ladies!!! My order of all the new goodies including 19 new Stamp Sets were on my doorstep when I got home from picking my sister up from the airport yesterday (see I’m still busy). So you know what that means girls. You will be making cards with all the new stuff…. YIPPEE!!! I’m very excited.

Well I cannot put a post in here without a pic of something I have created so here you go-


I used Sassafrass Lass paper and a mixture of different brand chipboard for the title and accents. I love black and white photos. They are very easy to work with. I find black and white go very well with bright coloured paper and you can use any colours you want, unlike coloured photos, you try and match the colours in the photo with the colours of your paper.

Well I better go and get ready for that Launch! Oh and take the kids to the farm……see it never ends!

Thanks for dropping by!


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