Cuttlebug Special Project!

Well I had a great day with Theresa today. While I made my project for the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog (which is just sooo cute! Don’t you think?!), Theresa taught me how to make Fritters her way! Oh my gosh they were delicious! But not as delicious as her Pumpkin Soup, She promised to teach me that recipe next time. See girls I can craft and learn to cook at the same time….LMAO


I told you it was cute! I’m making nine more for my kids to give to friends and teachers this week before they start their holidays. I cannot believe how fast the first term has gone!!!!? What??!! Where did the the time go??Don’t answer that question! I don’t really need to know. I’m having too much fun!

If you would like to know how I did this cute little Easter Basket go over to the Cuttlebug Challenge Site and check out my tutorial.

Thanks for dropping by!

7 thoughts on “Cuttlebug Special Project!

  1. Kirsty…..Hi there! I found you on the Cuttlebug site. I absolutely fell in love with this little bunny!! I’ve made a .cut file for it on my Cricut and I’d love to share it with my Cricut friends, if you don’t mind. I will give you the credit for the design for sure! Mine is somewhat larger than yours, and silly me put the heart upside down for the nose, but hey, adds a little interest I guess. So, do you mind if I share? Thanks so much!!


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