Kristina Werner CI #46


This weeks Kristina WernerCI colours are just spectacular.They are so deliciously girl! You all know how I love girl colours. They are just simply irresistible. This is what I came up with-


I pulled out one of my favourite sets One of a Kind. When I do challenges like this I look at my colours and I choose a Stamp Set that suits those colours. IYKWIM. For instance you wouldn’t put these colours with the By Land set. But then again would you? I think I will CHALLENGE you all. Make a card in these colours with a Stamp Set that you wouldn’t normally use. If you do participate, leave me a comment with a link to your creation. How exciting! Cannot wait to see what you create.

Thanks for dropping by!


21 thoughts on “Kristina Werner CI #46

  1. Hi Kirsty

    Love the card. I have been a bit slack lately but getting back on track again. Thank you so much with the award that you gave me back at the begining of February. I have finally posted it up on my blog today.


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