Just Fabulous Darling!

It has been a busy week for me here in the Brown House! I won’t go into details but I can assure you there hasn’t been a lot of time for creating. It is so frustrating too as my mojo has made a comeback!

Today my friend, Theresa, came over to catch up and do some creating with me. She stamped some images of Fabulous Flowers using the Baby Wet Wipe technique. Theresa was not very happy with the end result of her card she made with them, so threw me the left overs and challenged me to do something “brilliant”, like I couldn’t do it or something…….hmph! I thought I will show her……LMAO! So what do you think?


Now don’t get too picky as I had a little help from Master Brown, aged 1, hence the green smudge on the right hand side…lol. He is such a budding little artist that fellow.

Come by tomorrow as I have another one to show.

Thanks for dropping by!


3 thoughts on “Just Fabulous Darling!

  1. Fabulous indeed!!!! I think you showed her good and proper….LOL! I am not the hugest fan of this stamp, but you’ve made it look good 🙂 Glad to hear your mojo is coming back….hope you get some stamping time in this week!


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