Kristina Werner CI# 44


Are these dresses cute or what??? I luuurrve pretty girl dresses, and so does my youngest girl Akayla. She just absolutely adores them. So I have a girl I can dress up in some beautiful frocks…..How many mums out there have daughters that love pretty dresses? I know quite a few who prefer leggings/three quater jeans and strappy tops, just like my other daughter Jemma. Oh and the colours are so my faves!

Anyway on to the creation,


I love how this one turned out…..Oh my god! Does that mean my mojo may be coming back???? LMAO. I bloody doubt it.

I reckon I could make more with this combo what do you think?

Thanks for dropping by!


14 thoughts on “Kristina Werner CI# 44

  1. you know how i love all of your cards and i have never had a fav…WELL THAT’S ALL CHANGED… I DO NOW!!! i really love the softness and the prettiness of this deliciously yummy card. thanx for sharing it with us
    love Sally xx


  2. Absolutly beautiful… I pulled out that exact stamp set to make a card last week but didnt get very far. Thanks to you I now have inspiration. I really enjoy visiting your blog, your work is fantastic and inspiring not to mention you do this with 4 kids and a husband… I’m in awe!


  3. Hi Kirsty, Haven’t checked your blog for a few days but headed there today and what an absolute delight! I absolutely LOVE this card. I would have to say it is my favourite ever out of all the ones you have posted. Gorgeous!!!


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