Fishy Friends!


I have just noticed I haven’t blogged for 5 days…….Oh my Gosh! What have I been doing! I will tell you what I have been doing. I have been preparing for the four workshops that I have this weekend. One in Brisbane, one in Toowoomba, one in Gatton and one in Toogoolawah. What a busy girl I’m going to be!!! But what fun at the same time.

I did manage though to take some time out and catch up with my upline Madonna Dunn. I had a great time and I received an awesome gift from my upline. Something I will use at every workshop. It is the easel that you can see a little bit of in the pic. Aren’t I a lucky girl?! It was a particularly special vusit also because I finally got to meet Lara. She is soooo cute and Oh! that baby smell is so delicious isn’t it, but rest assured I did not have urge to reproduce again!  LOL My four will do me fine.

While there in between chatting and cuddling baby I managed to get two cards done. I tell you though, I was struggling. The one shown was basically a challenge we set ourselves. I mentioned to Madonna that I have never used the SU Colour Wheel. There is a good reason for that though. When using the colour wheel you point the arrow to the main colour you wish to work with and it shows you four other colours to go with it. That is my problem I’m a three colour girl. It keeps it simple and I can easily work with three colours that go together, but five! Makes me think and work  harder…LOL.

I also mentioned I wanted to play with my newly acquired Water Colour pencils. So we chose a SS that we could water colour (Fishy Friends), then colours that suited. We ended up with Taken with Teal, Tempting Turquoise, Apricot Appeal, Certainly Celery and Oh my God! Cameo Coral! Yes that’s right I was troubled with the fact I had to add Cameo Coral! But it was a challenge I will not for go a challenge! LOL

So that is three challenges in one. The colour wheel, the technique and the fact I had to use Cameo Coral. I know it’s not a lot by the way but hey! it’s on there…lol. I had a ball and I absolutely adored Madonna’s gorgeous card. I’m sure she will post her creation up soon….

The other card I did was for one of my weekend workshops. I will show that one another day. I will tell you this though. It took me a few attempts to get to it. I must have used all my creative energy on that blasted Cameo Coral!!! LMAO

Thanks for dropping by!


7 thoughts on “Fishy Friends!

  1. LOL…Mad ALWAYS says that using Cameo Coral is good for my development….but all it’s really good for is giving me a bloody awful headache!!!!!!!
    I will {reluctantly} admit that it actually looks pretty good with those other colours….not as horrendous as usual anyway…LOL!!!
    You did an awesome job with the colouring 🙂


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