Love owl-ways!

Now you might be able to tell that I CASED this one from the Summer Mini catalogue. The link to that catalogue is on the right of the blog page. Go check it out, it is absolutely gorgeous. The papers are divine and so are the new punches and matching stamp sets.

This is one of the cards I’m doing for a workshop, it is a little different from the catalogue. I added the heart stamp and the card is a normal sized card. The one in the catty is like a love note size. I’m not entirely happy with mine so that’s why I’m asking you guys again for some input. I loved the suggestions I received on the last card and I’m giving them a go today. Thank you ladies 😉img_6209_1

I think it is cute, but maybe a little off balance?? Let me know what you think.

Thanks for dropping by!


6 thoughts on “Love owl-ways!

  1. I don’t think it needs much Kirsty – It’s very cute.
    Maybe if you raised the grass/greeting strip a little & added a strip of subtle patterned paper underneath (browns or greens?) it would balance the pink a little…..but I could be completely waffling. Hope you have a great day. Best wishes, Di
    PS: Now, if only had some ideas for my own class cards (sigh!).


  2. Hi Kirsty,
    Just checking in tonight. I like this card very much. My only addition would be maybe three white ( too ritzy??), or maybe three pink pearls in the upper right hand side. You know, the kind with the flat backs that are self-adhesive.
    Another thought would be to stamp a white or cream colored fancy swirl up in and off of that edge of the card. Then add the colored pearls at strategic spots on the swirl. Hope those ideas help. Goodnight. Linda S. in NE


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