They complete me!!


Yep.. that’s right these three little rascals are my world and I cannot imagine life without each and every one of them. This page is fairly basic but the photos are so beautiful it didn’t need anything much to put this together. We try to get professional photos at least every two years, whether it be through the school or through Pixi Photo. These were done at Pixi. And as you can see they take more ‘realxing’ photos now. I was totally over the suitcase and metal bucket!!! Also just letting you know they are finally digital (where we are anyway), so you can see your pics straight away and choose your free ones without guessing which ones were the best. I hated not knowing what I had chosen as my big photo and going on what the photographer said didn’t ease my choice either. I don’t like statue posed photos. I love them more relaxed. I love them even more when the person I’m taking the photo isn’t aware of me.

Enough about my photo habits. This is one of my fave LO’s and I hope you like it too!

Thanks for dropping by!


2 thoughts on “They complete me!!

  1. I agree with Kristie’s comment above. Really cute kiddies, and I too like the more relaxed poses. I’m curious to know what the photographer said to get those cute grins and smiles.
    Linda S. in NE


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