Elite Challenge!

I feel a little creative today and thought I would start with some Elite Challenges. There are three challenges set each month. A CC (colour challenge), a SC (sketch challenge) and the one I did this morning which is a SSC (stamp set challenge) Here it is-


The first thing you will see is that it is crooked! I didn’t see that until I was editing the photo. Oh well! It’s not out by much. Just don’t look at it…lol. I love the heart stamp in this set and have had this design in my head for a little while now. I think this particular stamp set is great for embossing. With this stamp though we don’t have the heart punch in our catalogue yet. Maybe it will be in the next catalogue due in April. I am so excited about the new catalogue. Just an excuse to spend more money on some fabulous stamps….lol. 

At the moment I’m having trouble with my oldest boy not eating his lunch at school. I think he maybe sick of the same thing over and over. So if I made it more interesting he might be more tempted to eat it. So I was wondering if any of you have some tasty little recipes for homemade snacks/meals?? It would be great to get any info on this. I have no hair left from pulling it all out in exasperation.

I have other challenges to do to so better hook in and attempt to finish them.

Thanks for dropping by!


4 thoughts on “Elite Challenge!

  1. Have you tried pizza pin wheels? Sheet of puff pastry, sprinkle over grated cheese and shredded ham, even some tomato sauce if the kids like that. Roll it up, put some egg/milk mixture on one end of the pastry to seal, then chop it into sections and bake in a moderate oven until cooked. Kids love them. Otherwise, my kids love lavash bread with honey mustard sauce, ham cheese tomato and lettuce. These are a winner every time with my lot. Hope this helps Kirsty. Cheers


  2. When we realised we were having a similar issue with school lunches, x 4, we decided to let them pack their own lunches. Food is too expensive to throw in the bin. We always had fresh salads, fruit, cold meat, breads or wraps. I have a recipe for a very quick and easy quiche that I use to make for school lunches too, they all loved that. I had plenty of little containers with lids so the foods didn’t mix(like beetroot into pineapple…yuk!!) To keep it all cold they had ice bricks to put into the lunch box, plus a frozen bottle of water or a frozen popper. The secret was letting them make it for themselves then there was no excuse that lunch wasn’t eaten!! Even though most of the food was from a healthy aspect we still allowed them a piece of cake or a muffin or a couple of biscuits, but they knew the rules, more healthy food then treats plus they knew either Dad or Mum was going to check the lunch box before they headed out the door to school. This idea worked really well for our four kids…they actually all enjoyed the part of the day when it was time to do lunches.
    love Sal xx


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