Gee I’m Slack!!!

I came home today from a great day with my new Downline Sally. We had a play with my new stamps…… that story is for another day.

When I came home I checked my emails as usual and saw that two people have given me an awards today. That rang some bells about some other awards I was given about 1-2 months ago. So I thought I would catch up on these beautiful awards given by some ultra talented ladies..


This was given to me by Tracy Jackson and Di Barnes. Thank you ladies. You are too kind. Your blogs are also wonderful and very inspirational. You have to check them out.

My nominees for this award are-

  1. Manola
  2. Sally
  3. Karen


I have already received this award but would like to let everyone know who gave it to me. The fabulous Judy Thompson. Check Judy’s blog out. It’s awesome! Since I have received this award before I will not nominate others.


Tracy Jackson gave me the ‘Marie Antoinette’ award.

This one came with rules and they are- Link the one who awarded it to you, post the award and nominate 7 people who deserve it.

So here goes-

  1. Di Barnes
  2. Judy Thompson
  3. Sally
  4. Manola
  5. Kristie
  6. Debbie
  7. Kristy

And Finally


I received this from Manola. I met Manola on the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog and then found out we have a friend in common (Hi Andrea). LOL. Manola does beautiful work, so inspirational.

I have to nominate 5 bloggers

  1. Tracy 
  2. Kristy
  3. Kristie
  4. Karen
  5. Sally

Part of the rules with this award is to tell you five things I am addicted to! This will be hard…..

  1. Chocolate….there I said it. That wasn’t too hard. Mmmmm KIT KAT
  2. Scrapbook Paper like MM, Basic Grey, Sassafras etc
  3. Chocolate Chip CS from SU…..don’t laugh
  4. Blogging…..hehe
  5. My youngest sons cheeky grin… is sooo cute!

Well I hope you enjoy all the blogs I have listed. They inspire me all the time.

I will be back later with a creation for you all to see.

Thanks for dropping by!


4 thoughts on “Gee I’m Slack!!!

  1. Hi Kirsty!!

    Thanks so much for choosing my blog for the awards!
    I’ll display them on the RHS margin of my blog with the other ones! I’m so glad you find my work inspirational!

    Cheers and have a great day!



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