Blue eyed Angel!


I did this LO a little while ago now. I suppose I have been holding out on you because I’m not that happy with it. I have a whole heap of them though! I could stay up all night to show you those…lol. I feel this one isn’t balanced very well. I think I should have printed out a 6 x 8 for the photo in the Stars. The photo I took of the LO hasn’t done much for it either. The word ‘blue’ is actually glittered. (American Crafts), and his eyes are a very bright blue in these photos……..there I have had my gripe about my crappy LO. I feel better! LOL

I had no children today. Can you believe it? What I cannot believe is that I only managed to do one LO and one card! What a waste!!! Oh well maybe on the weekend…..

Sorry to say but I have to go now and clean up after a week of absolute disorganisation.

Thanks for dropping by!


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