Shock, horror!

Yes you won’t believe it…..I have finally taken some photos of my recent scrapping (thanks Andrea for the use of your lens, your a champ).

So do you want to see some. I must admit my style has changed a fair bit since I last uploaded any scrapping….What do you think?


I did this page at the Happy Shack last Thursday night. But they are old photos. Darcy is only just shy of five months in these photos. He looks like this now-


A strapping little 20 month old scallywag. And I’m telling you now take heed of the warning! (the one on his shirt)LOL. This little tyke is trouble. But I love him to bits, the little rapscallion.

I have heaps more scrapping to show you so don’t forget to come back and check them out. 

Thanks for dropping by!


4 thoughts on “Shock, horror!

  1. Your style is great. Cant wait to see some more.. Yep I can realte to your comment on my blog.. I love paper. I have just finished a tissue box for Cameron and starting on a BRIGHT layout for Bee…. arghhhh not my normal style, but hey it’s a challenge!


  2. …this is a gorgeous layout Kirsty, did Darcy ever get even with Ava for that right hook to the eye??!!? in years to come he may not appreciate that pic of a girl beating him up!!! LOL
    love ya
    Sally x


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