Blog Candy!!

Will you look at that!! There has been nearly 20 000 hits to my blog, since I started it up in August ’08. WOWEE! I  think that’s cause for celebration people….

For my wonderful, caring and oh so funny readers I have some wonderful blog candy lined up for you. I have not yet taken a photo, when I do I will upload it. But for now lets just say you wouldn’t want to miss it!

All you have to do is leave a comment under this post. I will draw the winner on the 24th of January, so one week from now. You can leave one comment per day.The more you enter the more chances you win. Good luck to you all.

Once again thanks for all your support and lovely comments.


46 thoughts on “Blog Candy!!

  1. Yep its always a good day when I open up your blog and there staring me back in the face is another dazzling creation to inspire me and everyone else. We all loooove your work, just like we all loooove you!!!! YAHOOOO…congratulations on your 20 000 hits.
    love ya
    Sally x


  2. Congrats Kirsty on 20,000 hits, that’s amazing. That really is a lot of hits!! I check out your blog a few times a week but have never left a comment. So I thought I might do so. Can’t wait to see lots more scrapping. Bring on the photos.


  3. Love all the goodies, isn’t new “stuff” just great. I should introduce myself, I nearly met you at Mad’s place for her day in Oct but couldn’t make it. I was going to go with Meges so we nearly met!!!! Maybe one day!!


  4. Hi Kirsty!
    Love your site! I am so delighted that you hit 20,000. I love learning new things and your site is packed. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy! Here’s to 20,000 more hits.


  5. Hi Kirsty,
    Congrats on your blog milestone! It’s fantastic to see that so many others are enjoying your incredible work as much as I am. The blog candy looks fantastic – thanks for the chance to enter and for sharing your super talent with us all.

    Kindest regards,
    Robyn Little


  6. As always your creations are remarkable girlfriend. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Just hoping one day some of those creative juices will rub off on me.hehehe, luv ya work.!!!!


  7. I am always amazed at how you put your cards together so they just flow but at the same time something always jumps out of the square and says look at me!! Well I am looking honey, I am, and my eyes, theys is likin what they sees…lol
    love you xx


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