Kristina Werner CI #38

2_1I have finally found time again to do Kristina’s Colour Inspiration. I absolutely love doing them. And this week the colours are so feminine I decided to do something very pretty. You know with the dazzling diamonds and soft chalking. Here’s Kristina’s Inspiration-


And here’s my submission-


I had heaps of fun with this especially the chalking of the butterflies. I finally used the scallop stamps too. I have had them here now for a couple of months and this is the first time I have used them. How slack is that. Do you guys have the same problem or is it just me? I might go through my stack of stamps today and get ones out that I haven’t or used very little of….lol, yeah right. I love it when I make stuff up like that. Makes me feel like I’m actually doing something…..LMAO. ( I promise I will try)

Thanks for dropping by!


11 thoughts on “Kristina Werner CI #38

  1. I am always making little resolutions to myself and breaking them the very next day, they usually involve things like cleaning, getting organised etc, oh well, your card is fab, love the chalking, it is a lovely effect!


  2. Hi Kirsty! I always smile when I open the link to yur blog seeing you and your little one! Your card is lovely and as fresh as spring. We are in the depths of freezing cold here so it is nice to see some pretty cards like yours! Have a good day! ~Donna



    I absolutely positivitly LOVE THIS ONE!

    Love RJ

    Your a talented artist who spins your magic with stamps and paper…….
    Keep spinning your magic girl, your amazing!!!


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