Valentines Workshop

What a busy girl I have been! This weekend I have two workshops to do. I’m so excited….lol. Well I thought I would show you what I made for the hostesses and guests and also the card I made them do……… that’s right I made them do it. They were not leaving until they were finished…..hehe. No only kidding I’m not a dragon demonstrator.


This is the  card they all made. (pretty nice huh?!)


This is the little gifts I had on the table for the guests (some raspberry licorice to keep them going).


And the absolutely beautiful, wonderful and oh so nice Hostess gift I slaved over…, was an idea I borrowed from my ever so clever upline Therese. I wanted to do something very nice and Therese’s idea suited perfectly.


The whole ensemble!


The cute little bag

and below are all four cards that go inside





I hope they like them! Oh and as you can see I am still not over Eastern Blooms or the colours I used. Rose Red and Chocolate Chip are just oh so divine! I just thought I would share the love. Did you notice that I also stamped the envelopes (first pic). It just makes it hey?!

Let me know what you think of my work! I’m pretty happy with it! I would stay to chat longer but I have to go to the second workshop I have planned.

Thanks for dropping by!


11 thoughts on “Valentines Workshop

  1. Beeeeautiful!!!! this is a WOW statement if ever i saw one!! I know Melissa really loved her hostess gift, wonder if I will be lucky enough to score the ‘mothers’ day’ card!!! LOL
    love Sally xx


  2. What a lucky hostess!! Seriously they are to die for!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog today – I’m chuffed you like it – I’ve been admiring your work from afar for a while now – it’s always awesome! Cheers Karen


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