The Concert!

I just had to share these photos with you. They are of the concert my children were in with their dance school Starlite Dancers. They are just fabulous!


Striking a pose before the big show


One of Akayla’s Ballet numbers


Jemma Jazzing it up!


Sean and Akayla getting jiggy with it! lol


How gorgeous is this?!


Jemma and Akayla in a jazz number


Trophy time!



4 thoughts on “The Concert!

  1. Wow Kirsty, you should be one proud mum. Looks like they had a ball and brought home the trophies. Thank you for sharing your personal moment. Congrats to your beautiful children.
    Manola xo


  2. Bet the kids were tired. Cameron had her dance concert yesterday. Drop off at 11am, concert at 1pm – 3.30. Take her home then back again at 5.45pm, concert at 7 – 10pm… its now 8.45 in the morning and shes still asleep which is a mirical in itself!!!


  3. WOW… well done kids, you all look so good. Kirsty these are gorgeous pics of your most fav dancers in the whole w-i-d-e world. All that hectic-ness(don’t think that’s a word, but i like it!) and running around, all 100% worthwhile. There’s a mountain of scrapbooking gorgeous pages with their bright costumes to be done now girlfriend!!
    I especially love that pic of Akayla in her pink ballet tulle…it’s sooo pretty. She is the dream every little girl has, in that photo. I would love to scrapbook that pic! I think its cute and girly, and a quiet confidence shines through in her pose. I think that was a magic moment you have caught on film, a moment now forever held in time to remind you of the innocence of childhood, when your pretty little ballerina is all grown up.
    Sally x


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