Quick, break that mirror!

img_5786_1As most of you know, it was my birthday yesterday. And what a day I had! My beautiful adorable children came in to the room single file and handed me a bunch of flowers each, even our little darling Darcy. I received a box of Roses chocolates too! (my favourite). Then my hubby brought into the room ‘the gift’. You know how you get all these little gifts and then there is the main one. Well that’s the one….. OHH and it was beautiful a huge mirror for us to put in the bathroom  (the last mirror dropped from its perch and smashed to bits…not to mention we are going to have 7 years of bad luck). We have been in this house for about six months without a mirror!  Can you imagine the horror of my hair…….or worse still the makeup! You can be assured I was doing some @%!*%. LOL

Well, finally we have a beautiful mirror and while I was checking it out and myself mind you, hehehe. Can you imagine my horror when I found 5…yep that’s right 5…. just to be sure you read right, FIVE GREY HAIRS!!! There was some bloody @#*!% going on then I can assure you! How dare my Hubby purchase a gift on my birthday that shows me that I’m ageing at this horrific rate! Not too mention the fact that he probably has been looking at these grey hairs now for the past six months and not said a thing………that ba%@&!. I plucked those babies out quick smart! only to be informed by my “ever smart” hubby they grow back tenfold. Well I then informed my hubby I am going to get my hair done by a “you beaut” hairdresser and pretty myself up…….and double my years of bad luck and smash myself a new mirror! LOL.

I must have been a sight to my poor kids. I heard one of them ask Daddy “What’s wrong with Mummy, Is her hair falling out?” To which Daddy replied “No she’s just worried that she is getting too old and not very beautiful anymore” My gorgeous, talented and wonderful 4 year old then replied “She’s silly, she is always my beautiful Mummy.”   Awweeee, how sweet is my little girl! Not too sure about the “she’s silly” part but you can be assured if my kids still think I’m beautiful then I can’t complain! So as quickly as my horror submerged, it was just as quick to subside. Just in time mind you…..the mirror was hanging at a perilous level outside my bathroom window ready to be dropped! But I’m still seeing that hairdresser! LMAO!

So on to the little beauty I made on my birthday. I was in a embossing mood. So I got out some jumbo wheels and rolled them in versa mark and not forgetting my wheel guide (I love precision), and rolled and rolled and rolled. I did a few different colours and designs. I then clear embossed all of them. Then my decision was which one was I going to make a card with. I went with the ABC and then pulled out the matching SS (nursery Necessities), and voila!

  • Stamp Set– Nursery Necessities and Nursery Letters wheel
  • Cardstock– Whisper White, Chocolate Chip and Tempting Turquoise
  • Ink– Versa Mark and Chocolate Chip
  • Accessories– Satin Chocolate Chip Ribbon, Clear Emboss Powder
  • Tools– Heat Tool, Wheel Guide, Word Window Punch, Dimensionals and Scissors

I again used a chipboard Scallop to trace the Scallop and cut it out. Very time consuming but I love scallops

Thanks for dropping by and listen to me go on about grey hairs!


4 thoughts on “Quick, break that mirror!

  1. LOL….you crack me up! I found my first (and thankfully only) grey hair when I was doing my honours thesis…the horror of it!!! I pulled it out and I am very happy to tell you that it never grew back and that I haven’t found any more 18mths later 🙂
    So, don’t stress too much….I think that with 4 kids to deal with it’s a wonder you don’t have more than 5!!!!!
    oh, cute card too!


  2. LOL, that is the very reason I dont have big mirrors around my home… avoid looking for grey hairs!!! nice card, like the colours.. feels great to be back in the blogging world and checking in on everyone


  3. Kirsty I’ve just read your post and cracked up laughing. I hear ya girlfriend – grey hairs – I tell my hairdresser that the tinsel is showing and it’s not even Christmas. Might have to get Andrea to wave a little colour magic your way.
    BTW happy birthday even if it’s a little late.
    Manola xo


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