My little family!

This week I received my first Stampin’ Start order! (how exciting!!) I cannot wait now to achieve the others. It would be just grand wouldn’t it! Well one of the free sets I chose was All in the Family. This set is just adorable and so much fun to play with! I had a quick play and made a card featuring my family, everyone except the dog and cat! I just couldn’t fit them in on this card. but I will probably do a photo frame and feature them in there.

img_5774_11I have a big family don’t I? Well it’s decided. We won’t be having anymore. My reason is that I just won’t be able to fit them on a card!!!….lol. But then again I could probably put one of the kids on someones shoulders. I might have a play and see what I come up with! It could work you know. The colours on this one is the same as the latest  kwerner CI. And I just sponged the sky on and cut the grass. This is the second one I had to do as my youngest, gorgeous, ever helpful son threw my first attempt in the toilet! He must love my work! No seriously he must, as only important and special things get thrown in the toilet  …lol. Well I hope you enjoyed my little creation.

Thanks for dropping by!


4 thoughts on “My little family!

  1. Congrats on Stampin Start, Kirsty. I checked it out after talking with you and I also got mine. Damn! I lost my original wish list and “All in the Family” was there but I didn’t order it! Next one,hey?
    You could always add a “flap” onto the card for the next little miracle!
    Well done!


  2. Gosh, doesn’t 4 kids classify as “large” family these days!! What joys I have to look forward too!! Love the card! I’ve done a frame but will have to re-do it in a few weeks hey?! Congrats again on Stampin’ Start!! You’re just a STAR!!


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