What FUN!

I haven’t posted any work for a few days now, which I apologise for….BUT I’ll have something for you very soon I promise. A little hint though- It’s for Christmas. Can’t tell you anymore. It will spoil the surprise.

But I did have a fabulous weekend. We (being my hubby and kids) went for a drive, I know that sounds boring, but we love to go on our drives, it’s very relaxing and it’s our time to be together and enjoy each other.

I wanted to share with you the fabulous photos I had taken on our day. We went to one of our favourite spots, Springbrook, on the Gold Coast Hinterland. It is such a beautiful place, I recommend it to anyone. The kids will love it and always remember it. I know because mine don’t stop talking about it…LOL

My little boys feet in the rock pool. How cooling it was!

  My little boy

What a sight! These falls are enormous.

Sean, Jemma and Akayla having a ball.

Another beautiful waterfall.

There is so many more photos of course, but I would be here uploading all day! LOL. We had such a wonderful time. The kids are asking when we can go again. I’m hoping I will have these photos scrapped sooner rather than later. Speaking of scrapping, I think I told you all that I was going scrapping at the shop last Thursday night. Well you won’t believe it! I made it there and managed to do two double layouts. Yes that’s right two! Well one needs some journalling done but I’m still counting it……you can’t stop me! lol.

I will post them up soon just to prove that I still do scrap.

Thanks for coming by!


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