Oh My God!!

At about 1.45pm this evening, and if you were in the vicinty of my house, you would have heard screaming and the sounds of something resembling a fairly large elephant galloping through it. It was only me of course! LOL.

I had just clicked on Kristina Werners blog to have a gander at some more of the entries in the Colour Inspiration Challenge #21, and would you believe it but Kristina had already completed the Round Up. So I read the entry, and how this weeks entries were fairly tough for her to decide upon. So I scrolled down to see who the lucky buggers were! AND OH MY GOD! There I was in the top left corner of Kristinas Top Ten. A picture about 1″ x 1″ of a little portion of my card. I was absolutely breath taken (and breathless from all the running LOL). I felt so lucky like I had just won the lottery because there are so many talented people out there in the craft of card making and scrapbooking. It will be a little while before I come back down to earth I can assure you.

I would also like to thank everyone who had left such lovely and inspiring comments! You were all so kind. It gives you such an absolutely wonderful lift to receive them and encourages me to do make more awe inspiring cards and try to do better than ever.

Oh and I apologise for not uploading any cards or scrapping this time round but be back soon because I will have something else for you.

Bye for now! x


4 thoughts on “Oh My God!!

  1. Congrats – you deserved it – I think you were NO.1 :-))) I just love your card. I have just had a gander through your blog and your work is always so beautiful and to such a high standard.
    Will be putting you in my favourites LOL

    Debbie M


  2. Hi Kirsty. Congrats on your on your K Werner card, it was beautiful. I am also stunned that you would have my blog on your blog roll among the greats such as Alisa Tilsner, Marelle Taylor etc.. I am honoured. Thank you.
    I think you cards are fantastic.. I have added you to my “blogs I visit”.


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