Silly Billy…..OMG!!!

I will leave you to Roll around on the floor laughing your ass off for just a few minutes…….

This is, of course, my husband David! As you can tell was mowing the lawn one fine afternoon and decided to act quite the baboon type fool. What got me though is he KNEW I was sitting on the top step WITH camera in hand! And he says I quote “You better not be taking any pictures of me!” unquote. WHAT THE?? If he thinks I’m going to miss an oppurtunity like this to prove to the world I married ‘MR BEAN’, he has another thing coming. When I told him that I plan to scrap the pictures he just looked at me as if I told him that my night activities was spent stripping under the name Lullah Belle instead of making my vigilant trip to the scrap shop every thirsday night. ….lol. All he could think of was what my scrapping buddies would say!

But I promised him I would show him the page first. And as it turned out he really liked it! Not quite what I was expecting (him saying that it will never see the light of day scenario came to mind), he was very impressed and said I could show everyone!!!! OMG what DID I marry! But these pages do show his true character, his entertaining crack pot antics and tom foolery, and of course I love it! I used-

  • Paper– Kaiser
  • Accessories– MM philadelphia Alpha, Grungeboard swirls, DMC thread, paint and versa cube ink.
  • Tools– Needle, microwave plate, microsoft works, CM circle cutters and carl cutter.

It was good how easy and fun it fell together. It’s also great how you can use common kitchen products to help finish your page. The microwave plate was my template for the two large light blue circles. The two smaller circles were cut from the CM circle cutters and then a simple zigzag stich put around them. It looks like he is in the spotlight in these pages like a true entertainer! I’m so glad he likes it.

Thanks for looking!


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